These stories are just a few accounts of the supernatural experiences told by Darcy (The owner),
written in 2013.

the picture on the frame


I am the owner of Merchants Cafe & Saloon. My story starts a week after getting the business. The building owner gave me a picture of a girl that worked upstairs in the brothel. I figured that since I was remodeling to the glory days she would be perfect for the logo and watermarked menus. As I was just cleaning an empty space I set the picture on the floor and leaned it against the wall. I sat on the floor in front of it and took a picture. The picture I took had a big flash in it, so I turned it off and retook the picture. The reflection of the flash was gone but many thing came into the picture that was NOT there. Instead of a black background she is standing in front of a vanity with items on it. Along with that you can also see a reflection of a lamp in the vanity of the mirror with a ladder close to her. There is also a couch and chair in the picture that i took, but not the original .Ask the bartender to see the photo that i took and you can compare it to the original hanging in the dining room.

the doll siting


I was bartending, when I saw an old man, about 70 years old, standing at the end of the bar. I was surprised to see him there because there were plenty of empty seats. When I approached him he tenderly handed me a doll and asked me to put it behind the bar. I asked if he wanted me to hold it for him and he said "NO! It's for the little girl downstairs, the ghost."

I asked if he wanted me to take it down to her and he didn't skip a beat and replied, "No, she will be coming up to get it."

I turned around and placed the doll behind the bar. I turned back around to ask him where he heard about this ghost but he was gone. I curiously walkout out to the sidewalk and there was no sign of there either.

We don't know if the girl is happy to have the doll or not, but we figure we better not make her mad by moving it. Or touching it for that matter. Our bartender Michael has never touched her, and he's worked here for years. She has a nice home on top of the safe with the offering to Otto and you could never tell it by her face but she seems pretty happy there.

oto drinks


According to the medium on the TV show Dead Files we have a very solid ghost named otto. He was a manager here in the early 1900's and is continuing to "manage". One of our cooks Angela was telling me a disturbing story at closing about a spooky thing that happened in the kitchen earlier that week while she was telling me the story I was standing in front of a TV trying to turn it off with the remote. After about five minutes of trying I gave up, turned around and set the remote on the table when Angela was sitting and in efforts to lighten the mood, I said, "I have an idea. Otto, will you turn off the TV please."
The TV instantly went OFF!

Last week there were two big tugs on the back of my shirt when I was behind the bar. There was no one there. I then told the two employees I was leaving. Ten minutes later they called me and said as soon as I walked out the picture that I had just purchased and hung crashed to the floor shattering all over the entry way. I'm sure Otto was trying to give me his option of it.

I also think he is responsible for the tory about the wine in the next story.

the wine shelf


I was told by two previous owners that ghost guarded the safe and that if I put anything breakable on it he would he would break it. Since I didn’t believe in ghost I quickly forgot. I then found a wine rack the fit perfectly in the area right above the safe. I had it installed in September. Thanksgiving night I closed and everything was fine, a completely normal night. The next morning when the bartender found every single wine bottle had been thrown from the rack. He texted me a picture of the mess. The restaurant had not been broken into. Everything else was in just the same perfect order as the night before. When i replaced the wine, which was quite expensive to do, I decided on some precautionary measures, just in case. I put a shot of whisky on top of the safe and since i was wearing a skirt i showed him my butt. We have not had a problem with him since. I do refill the whiskey when it evaporates.


Another tale that is told among the employees is that of a little girl and boy that haunt the basement of Merchants. A fire in 1938 struck Merchants and took these young lives. Here, many encounter sights of small shadowy figures lurking about and play games on the staff.

It seems one of the most active areas is the downstairs restrooms. Here, many have reported seeing the apparition of a woman, doors opening and closing, and a woman's whispering voice into gentlemen's ears. But the ghost stories and experiences continue on, up to the top floor. In one case, a woman was harassed by a male, ghostly predator. But most recent encounters include the mysterious lady of Merchants Cafe.